Jim and Penny Caldwell are the founders of Split Rock Research Foundation. Living for twelve years in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, their extensive desert travels have unearthed an amazing trail of ancient Biblical evidence buried beneath the sands or locked behind barbed wire fences. Much of this concerns relocating the real Mount Sinai to the northern Hejaz mountain range of northwest Arabia.

Their covert exploratory trips in and around these regions have amassed a tremendous volume of photographic and video evidence that the Bible has indeed recorded actual events, not allegories, relating to Moses and the Exodus of the children of Israel from Egypt. Split Rock Research was established to be a central hub for these incredible finds, as well as their preservation and educational distribution.

Over the years, the Caldwell’s have shared their discoveries, film, and photographs with many who are also connected to this research, quite literally around the world. Split Rock Research serves not only as an avenue by which their research data on specific related topics is collected and analyzed, but also that of others. In this manner, these great discoveries are being preserved and cataloged for future generations.

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The Physical

  1. Communicating all the discoveries of the Biblical Mount Sinai to the world
  2. Defining the Exodus of Israel from Egypt and the lands of the wandering in the wilderness
  3. Preserving the rich heritage of Scripture in all the lands of the Bible

The Prophetic

  1. The potential ramifications of Sinai in Arabia
  2. Supernatural testimony
  3. The future: prophetic Scriptures and divine revelation

Help Communicate the Discoveries

For those who wish to aid our efforts to get the word out about the Mount Sinai discoveries, we hope that
you will consider a financial donation. There are many parts to this work and it is solely funded by people like
yourself. This donation, for U.S. citizens, can be deducted as a charitable donation on your U.S. federal taxes.

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