News from Saudi Arabia

Written by July 31, 2019 0 comment

Over the last couple of years, a real breakthrough has taken place in the Jebel Lawz region of Arabia!  Several individuals have been able to see the area and the remarkable sites we have explored over the years.  We have great hope that this trend will continue, and that the area will be legitimately opened to tourism at some point in the future!  These sites are truly amazing and deserve to be protected and properly preserved for all to see.  We are greatly encouraged to see that His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has tremendous plans for the whole northwestern region in his new megacity project called NEOM.  You can visit the official website for it here:  Having traversed that entire region of Saudi Arabia multiple times over the years, we can attest first hand to its stunning, breathtaking scenery with sharp, high mountains and crystalline aquamarine waters. It is our fondest hope as former residents of the great Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that the entire region with all its beauty and archeological remains will become a place of great visitation for the entire world.

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